Friday, April 4, 2014

Regression: In Four Parts - (Mixed Media)

Regression: Part 1 - Time & Tide - Mixed Media

Regression: Part 2 - Whirlwind

Regression: Part 3 - Spiderboy

Regression: Part 4 - Circle of Pooh 

Fun one. Mixed media and YES, those are dollar store stickers & stick-on rhinestones
 mounted on painted canvas ... framed ... 
Sometimes you've just gotta PLAY & stop taking yourself so SERIOUSLY.  seriously. 

Alternate naming for this grouping could be 'Cabin Fever'
... it's been an exceptionally LONG winter. 

I haven't decide to sell the originals of these at present. 
But might make high-quality prints available when they come back from the framer.

Interested? Let me know. 
(Would be GREAT for a kids room ... or an 'innovative office' enviro ... )

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