Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 - HERE WE COME!

So many things seemed 'rotten' last year
 - coming at us from all angles of mainstream media -
 one wondered, what has HAPPENED to Humanity?
It seems we just cant get along anymore,
that we have to ruin the planet on route,
that we have no sense of decency anymore -
that we now revel in revolting vulgarity,
endless gore and mind-numbing mediocrity.

Well, I say, UGH. 

This painting is a 'throw back' to a BETTER TIME,
when community - and personal satisfaction - 
could be found in the reliability
and profound  'simple'  beauty of a setting Sun ...
Remember THAT?

Here's to a BETTER 2016 for EVERYONE -
filled with Peace & Good Will. 

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