Monday, May 30, 2016

Paint Poem to Lola Donoghue

Periodically I come across a painter whose work, for a variety of emotional and intellectual reasons, appeals a great deal to me. One such is a contemporary Irish painter, Lola Donoghue. I find her work to be equally titillating, nuanced and evocative. Subtle palettes are suddenly punched with boldness, suggestive shapes work magic in the imagination and the seeming simplicity cleverly masquerades a medley of masks ...

I've painted one of my 'Paint Poems', in gratitude, for the inspiration - and skill - she shares. The two images below show, first, her 'Flamingo': the inspiration for my work, then mine - an mlh Paint Poem Tribute.

Kindly note, my aim is never to slavishly 'copy' another artist's work. Rather, I prefer to 'explore' painterly processes within their preferred palettes. I find it very instructive, rewarding and, as mentioned, inspiring ...  ----  Lola - I just LOVE your work! Thank you.

Flamingo by Lola Donoghue - Prints available via Lola's link above. 

'Paint Poem to Lola Donoghue, 2016' - with gratitude, mlh

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