Thursday, December 1, 2016

Very Special 'One-Time' Christmas Screening of short Canadian film classic, The FROZEN GOOSE!

 (NB: this teaser trailer is NOT available on YouTube, 
I don't know why that 'option' is on this player ... 
Just discovered it wont play on Apple products either.)

Excited to announce a Very Special 'One Time' screening of The Frozen Goose at 3 o'clock, on SUNDAY, December 18th, at Cine Starz Burlington​, located at 460 Brant Street, in downtown Burlington. Superb sound, comfy & intimate theatre! Join Director, Margaret Lindsay Holton​, and a few cast members for this unique theatrical release! First come, first served. AND, there's popcorn!

Plus, just received this nice mini review by James Gike, in Burlington Lifestyle Magazine. 

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