Tuesday, January 31, 2017

'Last Stand': The Distemper of Our Times, by M.L.Holton

'Last Stand' by M.L.Holton - SOLD
I remember when I painted this piece several years ago. I had just learned that a group of citizens had lost the legal battle to save a large natural park, designated as a UNESCO Biosphere, from getting tons of fake grass - aka artificial turf - dumped into it for the Pan Am Games. (That organization also dumped 6 million dollars in the City of Burlington coffers ... )

It seems that we, as humans, just cant leave well enough alone and MUST dump our sh*t everywhere ... The recent emergence of Donald Trump as President in the US amplifies this tendency. I do recognize that he was 'elected', just as Stephen Harper was 'elected' in Canada over a decade ago - BUT, when he so clearly wants to obliterate anything related to a healthy relationship to the planet, I, as so many others, MUST resist.

Technological advancements - and science - are pushing out the necessity for fossil fuels to power us and industry. A NEW era of sustainability & renewable energy is very much within our grasp. Yet, for the moment, the old dogs of the military-industrial-complex, fueled by fossil-fuel global conglomerates, are HOLDING ON. Increasingly, it looks as though they are determined to hurl us all into another World War.  --- Do any doubt it won't be nuclear?

There is a great sadness at this thought. A great overwhelming sadness that this is what the dominant bullies in humanity now seek : total Self-destruction - total Obliteration.

And for WHAT? Money? Power?  It is incomprehensible to me what they want - aside from more MONEY & POWER. It seems they are desperate to demonstrate their ability to DESTROY - to be CRUEL - to any who oppose them. This has gone waaaay beyond race, religion, ideology or anything else - it's about POWER and CONTROL. 

Read, as example, about Steve Bannon - Trump's current Chief Strategist. Basic info can be found on Wikipedia:  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_Bannon (Take a brief look as well at the 'editing history'.)  Here too is an insightful profile that outlines who & how he sets out to manipulate mainstream media.  https://www.bloomberg.com/pol.../graphics/2015-steve-bannon/  - Both articles demonstrate his craven need to CONTROL.

His old boss described him as the 'Leni Riefenstahl  of the Tea Party movement.
Others have called him the Master Puppeteer ... 
Personally, I think it most telling that he's been divorced THREE times.

Anyway, that's my mini rant for today. It is important, for me, to KEEP ON doing what I do - as an artist, as an observer, as a witness to our times - to not become overcome by the 'shock & awe' these super-pumped-up dudes are trying to engender. Just KEEP ON and -
LIVE a GOOD Life. 
Above all, be KIND to Mother Earth.

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