Thursday, October 15, 2020

A DoDa DoDa Day: A Poem by MLHolton

Twitter can be a wonderful place, especially within the amazingly supportive #WritingCommunity. 

I am delighted to share a recent collaboration.

I first met narrator Jacqueline Belle, voice extraordinaire, on-line about a year ago. She was doing 'voice overs' of authors works and posting them on Youtube. We got chatting and soon she performed a rendition of one of my short stories - The Frozen Goose.

About a month ago, she invited me to submit something else for her to do. 

I suggested this light-hearted poem from an earlier poetry collection, On Top of Mount Nemo, published nineteen years ago, in 2001. (No longer available, other poems are available to read at the very good University of Toronto Canpoetry website.)

Jacqueine, in concert with Daniel, the producer of the visuals, assembled this sweet little piece.  -- Enjoy!  - A DoDa DoDa Day by MLHolton

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