Monday, November 2, 2020

All Authors BOOK COVER Competiton: TRILLIUM in for NOVEMBER 2020

Super excited to have my third novel, TRILLIUM, in the running for Best Book Cover Design on the All Authors website.There's stiff competition, over 350 titles. My title really does stand out from the pack, primarily because of the yellow background and simple choice of typeface. The image, of a man holding a grape cluster, is a detail from a painting I did some years ago of a Niagara vineyard ... 

Currently ranked at 89th place, please cast your vote to keep me in the Top 100 - for the NEXT WEEKLY ROUND!    

The competition runs for the month of November. 

You can, if you like, vote every week.

It would be grand to make it to the final 25!! And better yet,  to WIN!!  Can I count on you? 


         If you like the cover of my book - 

 PLEASE VOTE!!               

(Scroll down until you see it. 

It does stand out  Then lock it in! )    


UPDATE: Hoorah, made it thru Week 2!  TRILLIUM is now in the top 50!! Please cast your vote again (or once) via link above! Over 15,000 votes have been cast! The competition is FIERCE. :)

Thank you!

UPDATE: Monday, Nov.16th. Well, TRILLIUM did make it to the Top 50, but the front-runners are now running ahead by 100-400 votes!!  I simply can't catch up. So, I am conceding. - THANKS to all who did get TRILLIUM into the 'semi-final' run. It is appreciated!! I am so glad so many of you do like my cover. :) 



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