MLH: SOLO - Sept 14th, 2014

Last Year's Event
(To link to 2015 event, click HERE.)

What it's like living & working 'in studio' on the Beach Strip ...

Sample of MLH Paintings 
Part 1. The Use of Form
Part 2. The Use of Colour  

Samples of MLH Digital Photography
Samples of MLH Pinhole Photography
Plus, art books, music, and lotsa LEMONDADE!! See you there ... 

Just got some press via Pepper Parr, owner of the Burlington Gazette.

p.s. LINK back to INVITATION.

**** Day After 'Pop Up' event***
Well,  - THAT WAS FUN!!
 Hamilton Beach Rescue Community Hall - we had ONE HOUR to set up ...

 10 easels, 4 card tables, 30 chairs, 55 assorted art works with labels,
unpack books & CDs, put out snacks & lemondade =  READY by 2pm!

In they come ... children, teens, middle-aged & a few seasoned elders ...
lively cross-chatter, a few contemplative moments & lotsa FREE LEMONDADE!

At one point, I kind of lost track of who was there
 ... lots of faces ... some I knew, many I did not ...
All friendly, inquisitive, interested - and buying!!

 At EXACTLY 5pm, a few late-comers pop in -
meanwhile, my fantastic crew started knocking down the show ...

We left the premises at 5:46pm, leaving it exactly as we found it ... 

MLH post 'pop up' exhibit & sale --- (Glam Queen, eh???? )
 Phew. Fantastic & GREAT Show. 
Excellent VENUE - Thank you HBRU!
Also, a special 'shout out' to Lee & Ewout - couldn't have done it without you guys!
and to Anders & Ted who pitched in with 'crowd control' & 'clean up'. 
Thanks also to many wonderful old & new patrons. You are the Best!
Serious FUN!
p.s. If you didn't make the show, but are still interested in what I'm doing, check out these photo prints available via Fine Art America.  'Josephine's Garden', book & photo prints, large & small, were a highlight of the show (and Josephine was there!)