Monday, January 24, 2011

Art Gallery of Hamilton Talk & Slide Tour with mlh - February 17th, 2011

I have been invited to 'speak' about 'my life as an artist' after the Women's Art Association of Hamilton's meeting at the Art Gallery of Hamilton on Thursday, February 17th, 2011. 1 pm, for one hour. Free.

It is my intent to do a quick 'overview' of my 35 years of production with periodic digressions ...

Beginning with my typeface design, 'Lindsay', sold to Letraset England in 1980, I'll then move into the two decades of Canadian fine furniture design & construction, followed by an overview of my painterly evolution from the age of fourteen, and my later involvement with pinhole photography and most recently, photo-collage work and fractal design. Interspersed throughout will be side-bars to my published efforts, including the two books of poetry, 'Bush Chord' and 'On Top of Mount Nemo', and the novels, 'Economic Sex' and 'The Gilded Beaver by Anonymous'. (Possibly digression might include the experimental documentary, 'In the Eye of the Hunter'.) I also hope to 'launch' my latest book, 'CANADADA: A Painter's Nature' at that time.

It should be fun. As I am 'self-taught', I go at it all a bit differently then most. I will try to keep you entertained!

Location: Jean & Ross Fischer Gallery on the Main floor. Free. Hope to see you there!

Art Gallery of Hamilton
123 King Street West,
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

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Canadada said...

well, THAT was FUN!!! Thanks one and all for coming out to hear me warble on about what and how I've made my life as an artist. Photos & perhaps video coming soon ... :)