Monday, February 7, 2011

'CANADADA: A Painter's Nature' . . . . . . . . . LAUNCH - Feb 17th, I pm - Fischer Gallery - Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

'CANADADA: A Painter's Nature' will be available for view & purchase after my Talk/Slide presentation at the Art Gallery of Hamilton on February 17th, 2011. There are ONLY 25 Numbered Copies in this COLLECTOR'S FIRST EDITION - 70 pages of 160 full colour illustrations of just my oil paintings. Hard cover, trim size: 9x11 inches.

Price: $130 
First Come - First Served.
(STax, S&H Extra)

"MLH is a wholly original 'canajun' artist who relentlessly toils for 
her beloved 'Canadada'. Painter of signature 'naive-surreal-folk-abstracts', her 
very personalized vision is often touchingly bitter-sweet. ... 
Maud Lewis Meets Doris McCarthy. These works make you think ...
A novel interpreter of long-standing Canadian themes & memes, 
this mid-career artist, born & raised in Southern Ontario, 
is a good one to add to any evolving global collection 
of contemporary fine art. Affordable now.
A.J. Whyte, Art Critic & Collector

To RESERVE yours TODAY, please contact  'here'. 
Remember, there are ONLY 25 copies  
Numbered & Signed by MLH: 1-25. That's it!

(NB: As of  June 2016, there are 7 copies left ... ) 
 ISBN/CISS: 978-0-9691362-7-9 


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