Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fine Arts Society of Milton STUDIO TOUR - Oct 4/5th, 2014

Join us! - 32 Artists - 
- 6 from Burlington ...

On the weekend of October 4th I'll be 'on deck' again at the Fine Arts Society of Milton's STUDIO TOUR.  (Download MAP of STUDIOs HERE.)

For those not familiar with this event, it is a FANTASTIC opportunity to familiarize yourself with the beautiful #Halton and #NorthBurLINKton countryside on top of the rolling and dramatic #NiagaraEscarpment within Canada's province of Ontario's protected #Greenbelt.

Expect lush autumnal colours, cooler temperatures, vivid expansive skies and arresting 'long view' field-scapes of corn or soya, horses swishing tails, cattle lumbering to water basins, hawks floating overhead, and, of course, fallen crunchy leaves under foot, gravel roads, bubbling brooks, and large orchards, heavy with fruit. You may even find a pumpkin or two!

The tour is 'self-guiding', so print out the brochure to determine your route. Studio Tour roadside arrows will also help to guide you around.

This year, I will be a 'guest artist' at Studio 10. There, I'll be showing my pinhole photography works, as well as showcasing a few pinhole cameras that I've made over the years, and finally, I'll be doing small demos of 'how it all works'. I may also, depending on technical feasibility, be showing a small video of the long engaging process to shoot one pinhole image. (It generally takes 10 hours for one shot, from start to finished single contact print.)

It's a fun family day, with 32 great artists showing their stuff. Drop in. Maybe pick up an artistic treat or two for a loved one? (or yourself??). Remember, Christmas is coming! (Prices range from $20-40 for digital repros to $400-$800 for original 'one off' pinhole prints. Note: All original pinhole prints have been signed & dated by yours truly. )

  (Studio 10 is just SOUTH of the village of Kilbride, 
and north of the 8th Sideroad on Cedar Springs Road. 
*** Slight error on the printed MAP - we're marked as No.11 on the map 
but are actually Studio No.10. We're closer to the village/intersection of Kilbride. ***
If coming from #Burlon or #Hamont, come 'up' via Dundas Street. 
Brant Street turns into Cedar Springs Road at Dundas Street intersection.)

>>> 6459 Cedar Springs Road <<<

Thank you all for your continued & generous support for local art makers.

Hope to see you there!  

Saturday and/or Sunday, Rain Or Shine, 10am - 5pm!  
Escarpment Country - North Burlington / Halton Region - Photo Montage by m.l.holton

UPDATE: Busy and fun weekend, (regardless of a bit of drizzle on Saturday!)
Thanks to all those who came to visit and buy!

MLH Pinhole Display on FASM Studio Tour 2014

GREAT Location on Cedar Springs Road, North Burlington. 
Thanks Diana & Harold!

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