Wednesday, October 5, 2016

164th Rockton Worlds Fair - Thanksgiving Weekend 2016

The Rockton World's Fair, is a super family-friendly agricultural Fall Fair located on the large Rockton fairgrounds just off Hwy 8, between Cambridge & Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

From hamsters to horses, with 'live' judging of well-bred livestock and multiple food competitions (the 'biggest' pumpkin, best pies & pickled preservatives etc.), good-spirited competitive sportsmanship permeates the entire event. The local 4H farming community is heavily involved. Drawing from all around the area, youngsters & oldsters alike, get in on the act.

A small portion of the fair is devoted to a circus-type 'carnival' with typical circus rides, cotton candy & balloon-popping entertainments. Live music comes & goes.

Indoors, through the fair buildings, various displays of antiques, quilts, and unique clothing by the long-standing Woman's Institute entice with their superior skills, radiating with the common-sense of solid home-keeping.

There are also various levels of art & photography displays, ranging from children's concepts to adult executions. I am thrilled to have one of my paintings included in the 'Country Scene' Art Section of the Rockton World's Fair this year. The painting below effectively evokes the stillness of Dusk: when the skies are still & the wind drops down to a whisper, in the slow boat ride home ...

Dusk - by M.L.Holton / oil on board / framed -
Rockton Fair: Section 78, Class 19 - 'Country Scene'
   Come on Out with the Family! Wander the grounds, experience the sights & sounds of a proper country fall fair. (You may even be tempted grab a mustard-relish-smeared foot-long hot dog ...)

Admission prices, map & other vital info are listed below. Best to just pop over to their website for any other particulars.  Hope to see you there!

(I hope to be in attendance on Saturday for 4-5 hours, mid-day to dusk, weather permitting.)

Dress country, of course ... :)   

Come On Over!! 
The Rockton World's Fair LINK.

Rockton Worlds Fair - Between Cambridge & Hamilton, just off Hwy 8, in the village of Rockton.

Dropped off my piece yesterday - fairground is getting 'set up' ...

 Composite - Photography by M.L.Holton

UPDATE: Woohoo! - Won 2nd Prize, 'Open Art Class: Country Scene' 
(Posted a wee 3 min video of the fair on Saturday afternoon, on Facebook)

Plus, here's my ribbon!  woohoo!

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