Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pipelines - Painting by M.L.Holton

'Pipelines' by M.LHolton, 2016, Acrylic on Board
We are in a profound 'transitional' period that will, (if we last that long), be the hallmark of our generation. Were we able to wean ourselves off our dependence on fossil fuels? Did we rise up against the powerful global businesses, banks and puppet governments that promote & subsidize them? OR, did we succumb? Were we overwhelmed? Were we, in the end, sent into war to fight for their legally protected stock-market vested interests? - ?!? - Did we ALLOW these on-going Rapers of the Earth to continue with their thoughtless defilement of our collective HOME?  

Did we STAND UP - finally - for MOTHER EARTH?

This painting came from a very powerful and vivid dream. Today, I stand in unison with the indigenous people of the planet, the 'canaries in the coal mine', who have - for decades - warned us of our off-kilter and unhealthy relationship with the Creators'  life-sustaining planet. 

EVERY Act we make TODAY determines our collective FUTURE - as just one species of many.
EVERY DAY we can choose to consciously live in harmony with the planet - or not.

Are YOU a Care-taker? - OR - just a taker

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And, this - Stand with the Standing Rock Sioux - Video of Robert Redford's Request.

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