Wednesday, July 19, 2017

New Painting: 'The Clearing' by M.L.Holton, Canada, 2017

The Clearing II - Acrylic on Board by M.L.Holton, 2017
 Often, when back country, Up North, I would go a-wandering just to explore the undulating features of the landscape ... I'd keep on because there is ALWAYS something of interest ahead ... The Sun LIGHT stimulates everything we see, eat & touch. It's a guiding natural force. A primal Life force. A defining POWER. So, naturally, when walking towards the setting sun, beguiled and enticed by All, I would simply watch ... looking ahead ...

I rather liked this 'palette' and continued to explore it over the past few days ... 
(Not the greatest of photo below, sorry. Just took a quick snap.) 

Summerscapes by M.L.Holton (2017)
Upper left is on loose primed canvas: a man, woman and dog are visible on the horizon. Lower left was done immediately after Clearing II. I wanted to expand the underbrush and branches with a strong and fluid brush stroke. The result if vaguely oriental, and highly abstract. Finally, the two items on the right were painted on art boards. Simple land shapes, with horizons. But still, to my mind, effective. This colour combo works!

Please contact the artist if interested in purchase.

'Summerscapes - No.6'  by M.L.Holton - SOLD.

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